Listen To Our Latest Podcast Episode:

NOW LIVE Allies, Support Networks and Community with Gill Cooke

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode: NOW LIVE Allies, Support Networks and Community with Gill Cooke

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A celebration of women and their allies who are building the career that they deserve


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In our launch episode, Catherine and Amanda chat about how She Has No Limits was born, and what motivates them to want to strive to improve the world of work for women.

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Amanda and Catherine chat with Cheney Hamilton, founder of Find Your Flex, and winner of the She Has No Limits "She's a Community Maker" 2020 award, about the why and the how of flexible working - for employees and businesses alike - and about the skill of self-awareness. 

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In this episode gender equality champion, author and public speaker Michael Ray talks about his heartfelt journey from quintessential Aussie bloke to solo dad. Michael shares his mission to eradicate parent and carer stereotyping, so that working dads and mums alike can better integrate their careers with family life, and also his advice to help employers create family-friendly workplace cultures.

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In episode three of our “Knowing Me Knowing Me” series we talk to Emma Sayle, a kick-ass entrepreneur who oozes hard work and determination. Emma set herself the challenge of disrupting a male-dominated sex industry, and has created a sexually and economically empowered global community of 150k women, and a business worth £15m. Emma explains how being confident in the boardroom can also lead to success in the boardroom. Her self-awareness has been the turnkey to her growth and success in every aspect of her life, hence why Emma was the worthy winner of the She Has No Limits Aspirer Award in 2020.

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Clare Garner is a hospitality industry entrepreneur and co-owner of “La Greta” restaurant in Valencia. In this episode Clare talks with searing honesty, a few expletives and wit about addiction, xenophobia and life as a Brit in an EU country, post-Brexit. Clare also shares her learning’s from her very different career phases (teaching, investment banking, the export industry and hospitality) and explains how coming from Liverpool, and now living in Spain, have shaped her personality and her approach to living a life of no limits.

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Ellie Edwards-Scott is an influential leader in the media and adtech industry. After years of building digital businesses Ellie now enjoys a hugely rewarding portfolio career as a consultant, trustee, advisor and non-exec director. 


In this episode Ellie talks inclusivity, “manels” and the power of female relationships in business. And Ellie explains how her self-belief, love of learning and desire to create opportunities for minorities and people from disadvantaged backgrounds enables her to enjoy a busy and fulfilling life. 

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In the final episode of our first series we talk to Yemi Jackson, recruitment consultant, CEO and founder of Engage Transform and Building Inclusive Boards. 

Yemi shares her passion and her ‘why’ for helping women and BAME talent to find roles in IT and finance, and to get a seat at the top table of businesses. 

And Yemi explains her positive challenge to leaders and hiring managers who have yet to build a truly diverse and inclusive workplace - no more excuses! 


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Gill Cooke is a community maker extraordinaire. Since founding STEMConnext in 2018 she has brought together hundreds of women and minorities in STEM careers to build a community where they can network, share ideas and support one another.

 In this episode Gill shares her learning’s from her diverse and atypical career so far, from broadcaster to technical project manager to now diversity, inclusion and belonging strategist and leader. Gill shares her personal drivers and vision for the future workplace that she is helping to shape where everyone can be their distinctive selves and design the careers they want.  

 with thanks to DJ Yoda and Eva Lazarus for gifting us our title track "Eastville"
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