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Celebrating Womens Achievement in the Workplace

24th September 2020

at the

She Has No Limits Online Conference



Watch the awards ceremony

The Award Categories

It's been a tough year for professional women. Which is why we want to celebrate success and recognise those among us who have no limits to what they have accomplished

She's an Aspirer

A woman who has tirelessly and consistently worked on her personal and professional growth. She is self-reliant and self-determined to be the best she can be and to learn from everyone around her.

She's a Phoenix

A woman who has ‘risen from the ashes’ to overcome significant adversity in her professional or personal life, she is an inspiration others to be courageous in their own lives and to fight for their own rise.

She's a Community Maker

A woman who has been successful in creating and leading her community to the benefit of all. With care and consideration, she has gone the extra mile to make her tribe feel supported.

He's a Hero

He has consistently demonstrated a strong moral compass. Courageous, he always acts according to what he believes to be right. He stands up for his beliefs, to put others first, particularly women.

Awards were presented at the finale of the She Has No Limits Conference

It’s been a tough year for professional women. Many are down but not out. And we will re-double our efforts to bounce back, thrive and achieve our goals. Hence, on Thursday 24th September 2020, three organisations who are passionate about supporting professional female talent came together to host “She Has No Limits”. 

This one-day conference was held entirely online, as a live event, where all working women - of any industry, background or situation – came and learned together, were inspired by one another and felt empowered and enabled to thrive in their careers.

We ended the day on celebratory note with our Awards ceremony, to recognise those among us who have no limits to what they have accomplished

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The Details

Nominations Open.

10th August 2020. Nominations opened online via She Has No Limits Awards (this page).


Nominations Close.

4th September 2020. Nominations closed at 5pm on 4th September.


Winner Selection.

Award winners were selected by our impartial panel of judges 


Presentation Ceremony.

24th September 2020. Winners were announced and celebrated at the finale to the She Has No Limits Online Conference.


Nominations now closed

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Our 2020 winners...

She is an Aspirer

Emma Sayle

"My whole life has been about  empowering the women around me as my core purpose. From the clubs at school to launching the sisterhood, getting girls into sports races for women's charities (and raising £1million in the process), launching Killing Kittens to allow women to have a voice around their sexuality, and recently launching the sistr app for professionals - with community, belonging, mentoring and inspiration at its core. My belief is that women can be our best selves when we work together, collaborate and support each other. The world is still very much a man's world so now more than ever I'm fired up to keep fighting for that empowerment across all areas of a women's life."

She is a Phoenix

Hayley Hayes

"I grew up in a very turbulent household with years of being told that I would not amount to anything. Where I grew up, people are expected to spend their life on benefits or low paid unskilled jobs. I didn't go to college or university after school because I couldn't. I had no fixed address, no job and all my energy went on surviving. Then I met someone who I thought wanted to look after me. We got married when I was 19. On the honeymoon the physical abuse started but in hindsight the mental abuse had begun much earlier. I had no control over my life or the money I earned. I was trapped. With the help of a friend I escaped my husband and moved into a bedsit. I was very lost. I moved to Leeds after my ex followed me home. I rented a room in a house share with girls my age and began going out and having fun and got a job at a local solicitor where I was encouraged to take on more responsibility. That Christmas I went to Barcelona on my own and I made a 5 year plan to qualify as a solicitor. I enrolled as a mature student at university for a law degree but never really believed that I would be able to do it (I didn’t do very well at my GCSE's and I didn’t have A-Levels). In the summer before I started I met my now husband. University was hard for me. I did my degree full time working flexible hours around the time I needed to be in uni. This meant, starting early morning, leaving for lectures or seminars, coming back to the office to work late, going home and then doing my university reading. I did this for the whole 3 years. In this time I also got married and the first year of my legal practice course I was on maternity leave with my first child. I qualified in 2013 and had my twins the following year. My drive initially was to prove to other people that I am not a victim and that I am better than what I was probably destined for as a child but that definitely turned to a real determination and drive to do the best that I could. Since having my daughter, my drive is definitely to show her that there are no limits to what she can achieve if she works for it, that she doesn’t need anyone else to provide the things in life for her. I now pride myself on being a strong, independent woman. I embrace my drive and ambition and I always try and encourage other young women, particularly the students that I mentor to do the same.

He is a Hero

Chris Gray

"It has always been clear to me that driving for gender balance in the workplace is simply the right thing to be doing, and from the very start of my career I’ve had the opportunity to work with and learn from some great female leaders and colleagues, many of whom I’d see as role models for how I want to work. As I’ve become more senior and recognising the position of privilege I find myself in, I see the important role that I can play in actively supporting women in their roles, whether that is through mentoring and helping them get into the right place to advance in their careers, through line management and putting together to best team to solve a client issue or my sponsoring and engaging in diversity events and activities. My passion for supporting women in the workplace comes from excitement and drive I get from being around diverse groups of people who do amazing things both in and outside of work. I love to learn from people and I want to help create an environment where we maximise the different perspectives and voices that are brought together to help build in a small way the world in which we all want to live."

She is a Community Maker

Cheney Hamilton

"In 2014 I was working in the City, had a six-figure salary, was married and a homeowner. Great. Then along came my daughter who was amazing and who had Hip Dysplasia. The next 15 months were horrendous for us as a family, my daughter needed multiple surgeries and spent most of that time in a full-body cast. In 2014, my employer was amazing. I had gone back to work full time after 5 months and my husband became the first man at Twentieth Century Fox to take Shared Parental Leave. He quickly started suffering from depression and I asked my boss if I could go down to 4 days, so he could go back to work for 1 day a week and get some ‘Adult time’. My boss said yes and continued to pay me my full-time salary, because he didn’t want us to lose out financially, on top of everything else. Amazing. 2 years on, my daughter was now thankfully healthy and I welcomed my next little girl into the world. Thankfully healthy too. I had a conversation with my boss about flexing up my role, to which he said no. The difference this time? I was setting a precedent as the only senior female in the business, that was 95% female, that I didn't set, when I had a sick child. So, at 5 months mat leave, I left and launched A community for women in senior roles like me, who also happened to be mothers. A place for women to find support, to upskill, to get coaching and to get back to work in a senior role, worked flexibly. That was in May 2017 and 6 weeks later we launched, for all the men like my husband, who were finding the courage to take leave and wanted support. 3 months after that - we went viral... 1.27 Million people responded to my post on LinkedIn, about the devaluation of women in our society which lead them to believe that they could only access work by paying for it! (MLM’s have a lot to answer for…) and on the need for flexible working. I had women calling me crying, saying that this is exactly what had happened to them and equally, I had many people who weren’t parents. Who understood the need for flexible working and asking if they could apply for the roles on our platform too - was born. Today we have a community that spans our 3 community sites, 1 job board, and 4 social media channels of 1.3M a month. Our community is my passion. It is the silver lining to my daughter’s illness. Without her, I would never have found the need for flex. Without our community, I would never have understood the plight and frustration of so many people’s inaccessibility to the workplace. I would never have found the strength to fight for the change that is needed in our society."

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