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You deserve a career that will enrich you on a personal level as a friend, a mother, a daughter, a member of your community. A fulfilling career you succeed in allowing you to grow professionally.

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Our mission is to help you design your career to achieve this balance

Overcome the barriers that women face and give yourself the self-awareness, courage and determination to make the best possible career decisions for you and your family.

It could be that you’ve cared for your children - possibly your parents too, experienced divorce, a relocation, redundancy, or needed to take time out of the workplace to heal. These life transitions should not be seen as obstacles to hold you back from achieving your desired career.  

How we help

Recognising your strengths

Women naturally have so many strengths, but many just don’t see them. Around 75% of working women feel that they lack confidence in the workplace and just over 60% of those who have taken a career break said that they were not confident about returning.

Female self-doubt is an issue. There’s a ‘half empty’ approach to self-criticism and an ‘it must be my lucky day’ attitude when something goes well. Many women shy away from talking in groups and avoid networking, removing themselves from opportunities where they can raise their profiles.

The resources and tools our site have been created to help you overcome your feelings of negativity that you may have towards yourself and replace them with feelings of empowerment, self-confidence, purpose, and resilience.

Is this you?

  • I'm facing redundancy
  • I feel guilt about being a working mum
  • I'm feel like a failure at work and/or as a mother
  • I'm uncertain about my career and life decisions
  • I'm facing a life transitioning event and that I need to review my career
  • I want to make sure that I stay relevant in this ever-evolving world
  • I want to return to work after a career break
  • I want a career with purpose that reflects my values
  • I want to better understand how to have the best career irrespective of the challenges thrown at me
  • I want to accelerate my career but I'm not sure where to turn

Lets talk about career success

It’s a curious fact, especially as we spend hours every day at work, that we are relatively unskilled in career development. Many people fall into their careers without actually playing an active role in controlling it. This approach rarely leads to a fulfilling career.


By enduring our careers, instead of enjoying our careers, it’s easy to see them just as a necessity to pay for our lifestyle. This lack of purpose and control challenges our health and wellbeing as a result of stress and overwhelm. These challenges are further exaggerated with the career curve balls that we have to face and how, in many instances, these can completely derail us.


The world of work is changing, bringing a fantastic opportunity for today’s women. To be able to seek out and seize these opportunities you need to be equipped with the bravery and courage to design the career you deserve. By learning career development skills, raising your self-awareness, realising the importance of self-care, coupled with practicing key behavioural skills you will positively contribute to your happiness and career success.

Are you ready to make one of the best decisions you ever made?

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